17 Jan 2018 (Wed) - The 3D Jackpot amount of RM1,559,338.60 has been won. HSSB10 won the 1+3D Jackpot 2 amount of RM19,161.50.


Operates and manages the telephone betting channel for Da Ma Cai which comprises of the dmcGO mobile betting app and call centre betting.

Key Activities:

  • Grow the telephone betting business by recruiting customers to increase the dmcGO account base;
  • Plan and execute business strategies and marketing plans to increase the telephone betting sales;
  • Operate and manage the dmcGO call centre which provides both betting and customer service facilities;
  • Provide customer service and support via the dmcGO Call Centre, website and online customer portal;
  • Manages both online and physical topping up channels as well as withdrawal channels for dmcGO customers; and
  • Continuously develop new features and services for the dmcGO iOS and Android apps to enhance customers’ mobile betting experience.
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