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11 Share RM24.4mil Jackpot

Man Turns Millionaire After Paying Homage to Ancestors

China Press - National, P.A17 (8 April 2017)

Da Ma Cai created 11 millionaires when a total of RM24.4mil jackpot won during the Qing Ming weekend.

Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot has been won. The snowballed RM21,930,224.40 prize money was shared by 9 person, where each of them took home RM2,436,691.60.

A day earlier on 1 April, another 2 lucky winners won the partial jackpot with the purchase of a HSSB 20 Lucky Pick ticket where they took home RM1,248,610.50 each.

These nine lucky winners of Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot became millionaires by purchasing a House Share System Bet Lucky Pick ticket.

The winners are from different States; Penang, Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor. Among the newly created millionaires, two were under the age of 30.

The 27 year-old winner, the youngest amongst the lucky winners said that he was out with his family members for lunch on that day after paying homage to my ancestors in conjunction with Qing Ming and stopped by a Da Ma Cai outlet to buy numbers.

“I bought a HSSB ticket displayed at the counter because I was hoping that my ancestors might just bring us luck.”

Another 29 year-old winner said that it was his third time buying HSSB.

“I usually bet on my car plate number and birth date. The HSSB ticket actually contains my car plate number in it, that’s why I bought the ticket. ”

Both young winners said that they will share their windfall prize with their family members, and will also donate some to charity.

Da Ma Cai spokesperson said that customers usually buy a System Bet with 10 or more sets of 4-digit numbers to increase their chances of winning the 1+3D Jackpot. A System Bet 10 ticket with 10 sets of numbers cost RM90, but for those who could not afford, the HSSB is an option that allows customers to buy a share of the 10 sets of numbers with just a fraction of the full bet amount.

“In the case of these 9 lucky winners, they had paid a fraction of only RM10 for the HSSB 10 Lucky Pick ticket each, covering 10 sets of numbers instead of paying the full RM90 to cover all possible pairing combinations.”

2 Lucky Winners Bought HSSB20 Ticket

A day earlier on 1 April, another 2 lucky winners took home the partial jackpot with the purchase of a HSSB 20 Lucky Pick ticket.

HSSB 20 cost only RM20 for 20 sets of numbers, to cover all 190 pairing combinations.

They took home RM1,248,610.50 each with the winning combination of “3060+5020”.

Da Ma Cai is a brand of Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. (“PMP”), Malaysia’s authorized numbers forecast operator. On an annual basis, Da Ma Cai actively supports various causes in the areas of education, social welfare and public health. Following the acquisition of PMP by Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“JPM”), all of PMP’s net dividends that JPM receives are donated to The Community Chest. With this structure, Da Ma Cai has effectively been transformed from a for-profit organization into a social business, providing long term donations to The Community Chest for the benefit of the Malaysian community.

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