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dmcGO - A Tap To Prosperity

Mun Sang Poh, P.B1 (8 April 2017)

As the saying goes: “People need some form of windfall to fuel prosperity.” While we are working hard, we are also constantly looking for ways to gain wealth as fast as possible so that we can live a comfortable life. Now, you can buy numbers conveniently and take home winnings easily to lighten real life obstacles, with just a tap of your fingers.

It is believed that many punters have this exact same experience. You have these set of numbers that you wanted to buy, but due to unforeseen circumstances such as incidences, working overtime, traffic jam or only recalling it at the very last minute; that by the time you reach an outlet, either the queue is too long or the shop is closed. You can only hope that your numbers does not appear on the results. Sometimes it is just fated; when you didn’t buy them, your numbers appear on the results and, you might feel better if it appears in the consolation prize but if it is one of the bigger prizes, you can only weep in private.

With this in mind, Da Ma Cai came up with a revolutionary and convenient betting channel, allowing punters to buy numbers easily through the touch of fingers. It offers convenience to punters who are unable to go to an outlet to buy their numbers, anytime, anywhere without being constraint by time, location and avoids the hassle of queuing.

Customers no longer missed out any chance of winnings, as dmcGO app provides the convenience for punters who could not go to an outlet to buy numbers. Besides allowing punters to play all Da Ma Cai games, including Jackpot and System Bet, they can also buy numbers in advance up to 6 draws. There are punters who think of the numbers all the time, whether they are at work, at lunch or even dreaming while asleep. In such scenarios, punters can convert their dreams, incidences and inspirations into the lucky numbers and buy them instantly.

Customised Lucky Numbers

If you have no idea what numbers to buy, worry not, as dmcGO app will be your Feng Shui master where lucky numbers are customised on daily basis according to your birth date and zodiac. These lucky numbers can be found on the Number Dictionary, Zodiac Numbers and Lucky Numbers feature. On draw days, you can also log on to dmcGO app to watch the live draw for the latest results. Past results are also available for your reference.

Keep All Favourite Numbers In Sight

Some punters might miss out the chance to buy numbers due to constant travelling plans. Now, by using dmcGO, you can buy numbers while at home, at work or right before you board your flight. You can also store all your favourite numbers that you buy on regular basis, that way you can conveniently buy the same numbers again.

With Virtual Ticket, No More Worries On Misplaced Ticket

A lot of people have this bad habit, where they will simply shove papers, receipts, and even tickets into their pocket, and often not removing them before putting their clothing into the washing machine, which can be unfortunate. Through the dmcGO mobile app, you no longer need to worry about misplacing your physical tickets, as the app will notify you of your winning and credit all prizes to your dmcGO account. It also allows you to look up your betting history.

Don’t have enough credit to buy numbers? There are three easy methods to conveniently top-up your account: 1. Online Bank Transfer - perform fast and secured electronic fund transfer to dmcGO account; 2. Buy and Pay - select your numbers and pay on the spot with the instant online bank payment; 3. Top up using cash at any Da Ma Cai outlet.

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