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Good Fortune boost this Mid-Autumn Festival, Three shares RM16.8 million

China Press, p.A7 (7 October 2023)

Three lucky winners made their fortune this Mid-Autumn Festival when they shared the whopping Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot 1 of RM16,805,146.

With the winning combination of 6751+1330, a businesswoman in her early forties from Seremban took home the bulk of the prize of over RM15million windfall.

The lucky winner shared that her winning numbers was her car plate number and her husband’s car plate number.

“The day of fortune is like a harvest day! We have just celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with our family and I believed this has activated the healthy energies (Qi) for such great fortune.  I have played our car plate numbers since we got our cars many years ago. I am grateful that my investment all these years finally paid off.”

The humble winner said that she will spend her newfound wealth wisely to ensure long-term financial security and happiness. “After paying off high-interest debt and diversifying my investments, I am inclined to give to charitable causes. I will also consider setting aside a portion for special treats for my family.”

Two other winners who also shared the remaining RM1.8million Jackpot prize played from dmcGO, Da Ma Cai mobile betting platform.

Da Ma Cai spokesperson said that to celebrate Da Ma Cai 35th Anniversary and reward customers for their support over years, the GO Cash Contest will be held between 9 October to 19 November 2023.

“Customers can participate in the contest by purchasing a RM20 1+3D Jackpot SB5 Lucky Pick ticket at any Da Ma Cai outlet or through the dmcGO app. There will be 14 grand prize of RM10,000, 46 top prize of RM3,500 and 150 consolation prize of RM350 dmcGO top up credits up for grab.”

Details of the contest is available on Da Ma Cai social media and official website, www.damacai.com.my.

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